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In the process of home decoration and design, the choice of color and material of the floor is very important. The floor is similar to the whole background color and background of home, which is very important in matching. So what should we pay attention to when purchasing flooring products in our home life

choose the tree species of flooring raw materials, and the prices of different tree species vary greatly. Don't be misled by some non-standard floor names. Choose solid wood floors made of natural color boards and tree species with stable wood properties. If the moisture content is too high or too low, various deformation conditions such as arching, corrugating, expansion and contraction will occur during use or when the ambient temperature and humidity change. The moisture content of high-quality floor meets the standard, which can prolong its service life. When choosing the size of the wooden floor, the key is to be short rather than long, narrow rather than wide; If floor heating is used in home decoration, the wooden floor should be relatively thin

flooring generally needs to withstand the test of moderation and heat, so the traditional solid wood flooring obviously cannot meet the decoration needs. Solid wood composite flooring is the improvement and supplement of solid wood flooring, but like laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring also has shortcomings, that is, the hardness is obviously insufficient, resulting in the inability to meet the needs of some fine decoration model houses and public places

use several floors to splice randomly to check whether the seams are tight and whether the hand feel is flat and smooth. Check the fineness of the floor workmanship, and check whether the quality is fine and smooth from observation and hand feeling, and whether the assembly of mortise and groove fit, installation gap, anti deformation groove and so on are closely matched

environmental protection and health is one of the factors that modern decoration attaches importance to. Laminate flooring, which is commonly seen in the market, has a high formaldehyde content due to process problems. At present, the wood that is relatively environmentally friendly in the market is mainly solid wood composite flooring and multi-layer composite flooring. The latter is a new type of flooring that is improved on the basis of solid wood composite flooring. Although the market recognition is not as good as the previous types of flooring, with the market understanding of multi-layer composite flooring, I believe it will be used more and more





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