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Hanning wood industry has completed the layout of the log whole house customization industry, thanks to the research of wood micro carbonization technology and the technical force reserve of furniture design relying on Nanjing Forestry University

log whole house customization is the new favorite of the market. After nearly five years of rapid development, the market has reached a critical time, and the old brands have begun to differentiate significantly. Some are moving forward at full speed, some are tired, and some are faltering. Although the new brands are full of momentum, due to the characteristics of the log customization industry, if we can not solve a series of problems such as log cracking and deformation, overall design, system control and so on, the faster the enterprise will develop, The worse you fall. The next two to three years will be the stage of the reshuffle of the log customization industry, and also the stage of the formal formation of first-line brands in the log customization industry

Nanjing Hanning Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. When the industry was in its infancy, Hanning was one of the few enterprises with foresight, and completed a significant leap from log sliding door to log wardrobe to log whole house customization in one year. The reason why Hanning wood industry can complete the layout of log whole house customization industry in such a short time is that relying on the research of wood micro carbonization technology of Nanjing Forestry University and the reserve of technical force of furniture design, the elite team jointly built by Dr. Wu Bian and Dr. Lu Buyun overcome many difficulties and made great efforts to complete the layout of the industry-leading log whole house customization industry chain in the shortest time

Hanning whole house customization - Jumu health chapter

our ancestors came from the forest, and our love for natural wood is the most essential gene of human beings. The natural activity of wood is very beneficial to health. According to the statistical data of the United States, the average life span of living in a wood structure house is 5-10 years longer. Hanning whole house customization selects imported wood, and uses 100% pure logs to create your healthy home environment

Hanning whole house customization - wood treatment

cracking and deformation? The biggest weakness of natural wood, the biggest pain point of the log products industry, and the biggest worry point of consumers. The core micro carbonization technology jointly developed by Hanning wood industry and Nanjing Forestry University minimizes the probability of wood cracking and deformation. Hanning stores are located all over the country, from Shenyang in the northernmost part to Shenzhen in the southernmost part, and from Ningxia in the westernmost part to Nantong in the easternmost part. The long-span environmental test has given Hanning a very excellent reputation in the industry. Due to the high content of micro carbonization technology, great processing difficulty and high processing cost, Hanning wood industry is one of the few log customization enterprises that adhere to the whole series of micro carbonization treatment, and the application of micro carbonization technology is in the absolute leading position in the industry

Hanning whole house customization - elite team

Dr. Wu Bian, Dr. Lu Buyun, and design director Zhang Ruicheng (Taiwan) joined hands to build a dream team for Hanning whole house customization. There are many products involved in whole house customization. Whether it is appearance design, product structure design, or factory manufacturing, it needs strong team support. Hanning's dream team not only has excellent leaders, but also professionals in various fields. The elite team works together to complete Hanning's whole house customization system, which is Hanning's most valuable wealth and Hanning's core competitiveness

Hanning whole house customization - system integration

whole house customization subverts the traditional single product concept. Starting from the design, the system considers the overall home environment, fully coordinates the styles of cabinets, wooden doors, stairs, wardrobes, bookcases, wine cabinets, wall panels and other different products, as well as the connection and transition between products, and deduces the new concept of decoration from the perspective of system integration. System integration is disruptive to home decoration as apple is to the mobile phone industry, and will lead the new trend of high-end home decoration in the future

Hanning whole house customization - after sales service

whole house customization involves many products, and the quality of the installation process directly affects the final performance of the products. All installation masters of Hanning work with certificates, and there is no need for temporary workers to install Hanning products. In order to further ensure the installation quality, Hanning standard is equipped with original installation tools imported from Germany, and the German installation standard is used to create an absolutely leading customized installation system for the whole house in China

Hanning people only use natural wood, adhering to the concept of hand-made precision, and perfectly create the industry's top full house customized products. Hanning whole house customization, a choice, lifelong benefit




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