Cohen integrated stove D26 creates a healthy life

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According to research, cooking oil fume is an important source of air pollution. Therefore, the kitchen environment should attract our attention. Due to the high oil temperature during cooking, more carcinogens and aging substances will be produced. Therefore, there is a certain scientific basis for using the integrated stove roommate. The integrated stove uses the principle of micro aerodynamics, which can change the direction of lampblack, and the absorption rate of lampblack has been significantly improved. Now what we need to do is to accept more new things and create a healthy lampblack free kitchen for cooks

Cohen appliances, the top ten brands of integrated stoves, is a professional quality manufacturer of kitchen appliances in the industry. In order to meet the needs of consumers, the R & D team of Cohen appliances, after long-term research and investigation, has designed and developed a series of new products that are more suitable for kitchen life according to the current situation of kitchens across the country - - among them, the D26 smoke machine system of Cohen integrated stoves is designed with a 30 degree inclined angle, the inverted fan-shaped two-way smoke guiding device, and the aviation turbocharging technology, The smoke inlet speed is increased by 15%, and the oil separation is as high as 97%; The unique double channel stainless steel integrated bellows design can never rust and prevent oil leakage, and the operation experience is better; Completely solve the problem of difficult smoke pipe installation; Give the kitchen a thorough breath

the top ten brands of integrated stove Cohen integrated stove D26 stove part adopts energy-saving and environmental protection design, four channel oxygen supply to ensure uniform combustion and full gas mixing. The energy gathering ring boiler rack improves the thermal efficiency of combustion, and energy conservation and environmental protection breaks through the national first-class energy efficiency. In addition, the Cohen integrated stove D26 also has more convenient designs. The widened head shelf design effectively increases space utilization, makes cooking easier, and allows easy disassembly and maintenance. At the same time, its intelligent monitoring system monitors the working state of the electronic firewall in real time to ensure the safety of use

Cohen appliances, the top ten brands of integrated stoves, firmly believes that through continuous efforts, continuous research and development, and continuous innovation, it will show more excellent quality new products to more consumers and create a safe and intelligent green kitchen for more families




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