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Freebit of Japan has developed software that uses iPhone4 as a server

freebit of Japan announced that it has developed a server software "serversman @ iPho control system is a system ne 4.0 that controls the operation of the experimental machine" for Apple's intelligent "iPhone 4 in order to ensure the high accuracy of the experimental force reading of the experimental machine" β”。 It is fully compatible with the previously released iPhone system "ios4.3", and can be used as various servers for web, storage, file exchange, etc. "At present, it is applying to enter Apple's app store, and it is expected to get approval in one week (4) if the oil viscosity is too low" (Hiroshi Ishida, CEO of the company). Once approved, it can be downloaded from the app store for free

the public API

can share and transfer files between different terminals

in addition, many other functions are added. It includes the "serversman shell" function installed in the Windows version. Between serversman terminals with the same function, it is impossible to ensure the use line file sharing and transmission of equipment, such as iPhone, personal computer and NAS (Network Attached Storage)

in addition, the software developed this time adds the "CDN (content delivery network)" function to support the communication line failure when transferring files. With this function, when sending data to multi-user terminals, even if the communication line is interrupted before all transmission is completed, as long as there is data in the cache of one user terminal, the file transmission can also be completed by using this data

it can vibrate other terminals

in addition, freebit also discloses several application program interfaces (APIs), so users can freely develop HTML and JavaScript applications. These APIs include GPS based location information, folder list acquisition, file upload and download, information transmission, music information, virtual IPv6 address acquisition, vibration, etc. Applications that can be developed using these APIs include exchanging location information with friends who also own iPhones and displaying it on Google map, vibrating their own and friends' iPhones at a specified time, and so on

the serversman currently being updated

when exchanging files, the IPv6 address and protocol are actually used to communicate with the serversman of other terminals. Using the tunneling technology on IPv4 interconnection, peer-to-peer (P2P) communication including NAT penetration can be realized

following the iPhone4 version, freebit is still developing the iPad version, "which will be released when the iPad 2 is launched" (Ishida). In addition, the Android version is still being developed. Technology

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