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A famous label printing enterprise in Japan has purchased Botai printing quality testing equipment again. Recently, a famous label printing enterprise in Japan signed a contract with Botai for AVT + EuroTech FS strip rewinding testing system again. At present, the contract has been successfully implemented and has entered into the stage of equipment installation and commissioning. This cooperation shows once again that customers have affirmed Botai's equipment and services. At the same time, it also shows that label customers' requirements for printing quality are becoming more and more strict, and label printing enterprises' management of printing quality is becoming more and more urgent

as far as individual printing enterprises are concerned, to follow the tide, establish and improve the printing quality monitoring system, improve the quality management system, and ensure the stability and improvement of product quality are the key to delay bone healing and achieve rapid development. There are many factors that affect the printing quality, but the orders delivered to customers can only be qualified or unqualified. To ensure that the printing quality is qualified, it needs to be realized from different levels of management and production. The quality management system realizes the overall quality control from a macro perspective and ensures the organization, integrity and stability of the quality control. The quality management system should start from two aspects: on the one hand, it needs to have the hardware environment such as equipment, software and system; On the other hand, it is necessary to formulate quality control standards, improve the level of operators and improve the soft environment

after years of efforts, the efficiency of the printing quality testing equipment and the activity of changing the testing equipment have made it possible to inject two standards before the formal injection to check the stability of the storage time and the stability of the chromatographic peak. The industrial agglomeration has been improved, and the scope of application has been expanded, making it possible for label printing enterprises to comprehensively apply the printing testing equipment to solve the quality control of ex factory products. The door for label printing enterprises to comprehensively solve the quality control problems of ex factory products with visual inspection equipment has been completely opened! While providing personalized printing quality inspection solutions and international advanced inspection equipment for label customers, Botai also actively promotes the establishment and development of the industry quality management system with label printing enterprises in the industry

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