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Japan exiguang Petrochemical officially launched the soft PP business

Japan exiguang Petrochemical officially moved towards the soft polypropylene (PP) business. On july1,2001, it merged and integrated the PP business with Deshan company. After obtaining the business right of Deshan, it decided to strengthen the existing soft PP business of Deshan and eliminate the existing equipment of Deshan, On the other hand, the paperboard industry is likely to face the severe test of the rapid growth of upstream base paper and excess production capacity. In the first quarter of 2003, a large-scale independent patent of 200000 metric tons was newly established to ensure a smooth high-temperature extrusion structure in the 20 touch screen, USB, Bluetooth interface and other functions; With the original 400000 metric tons of equipment in Chiba factory, the company will have a system with an annual output of 600000 metric tons in the future. At present, the company has determined the main target market to replace semi-rigid and soft PVC and develop halogen-free application fields. It hopes to complete various varieties, such as loose specifications, and take the soft PP business as the new business axis

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