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Teijin, a large Japanese carbon fiber enterprise, began to adjust its production and operation in the United States. The company plans to invest 30billion yen to build a new high-performance carbon fiber plant and a body frame manufacturing plant with carbon fiber and resin as raw materials in the United States

the world demand for carbon fiber for auto parts has increased sharply. It is expected to expand to four times the current demand in 2020, with an annual demand of 140000 tons. On the other hand, the business of high-performance fiber and composite materials including carbon fiber of Teijin company in fy2012 had an operating deficit of 4.7 billion yen, so the production and operation must be adjusted as soon as possible

the annual production capacity of the new carbon fiber plant is planned to be 5000 tons. The construction will be started in the first half of 2014. In 2015, check whether the joints of the oil system are tightened and put into operation. The products are mainly supplied to American GM. Teijin and GM will cooperate to develop carbon fiber products for body frame, and the new products are planned to be used in new models launched by GM after 2015. In addition to automobile use, the products are also planned to be supplied to shale gas pressure vessels

in addition, due to the competition with emerging economies such as China, the sales price of carbon fiber for general industry has dropped. Teijin plans to significantly reduce the size of the Tennessee factory in the United States that produces this kind of carbon fiber (the annual production capacity is 2, which can directly measure the residual deformation of steel joints by 400 tons). In the future, it will only retain the functions of raw material production and R & D institutions, and concentrate the production of this kind of products in factories in Japan and Germany. The total annual production capacity of the two factories in Japan and Germany is 11500 tons. After the scale of the factory in the United States is reduced, the production capacity will be reduced by about 20%. However, the production efficiency of the factory will be higher than that at present

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