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Japan Electronics launched the simplest and convenient sample preparation equipment for transmission electron microscope, which has outstanding anti-aging property. P> Japan Electronics launched the simplest sample preparation equipment for transmission electron microscope, which is very critical, but very troublesome, and requires good experience. For example, some samples containing both soft and hard components can hardly be prepared. In response to this situation, Japan Electronics Corporation has developed a one-step ion sampler em-09010is, which uses argon ions to cut samples. In fact, it is a subminiature fib. The emergence of em-09010is is a revolutionary progress in the preparation of TEM samples. In terms of preparation steps, the sample can be loaded immediately by simply cutting it thin; In terms of operability, people without TEM sample preparation experience can also get a perfect thin area. In terms of use, the soft and hard mixed samples are handy and will not cause stress damage to brittle samples; In addition, because the cutting angle can be adjusted at will, it can also provide perfect sample preparation for EBSD and AEM; In terms of operating cost, the argon source used in em-09010is is much cheaper than the gallium source used in fib. Research group 2.6 automatic saving led by academician Zhangze of Beijing University of Technology: the end of experiment group has installed one of the equipment. At present, em-09010is is only provided to the users of transmission electron microscope of Nippon Electronics Co., Ltd. for details, please consult the offices of Nippon Electronics Co., Ltd. which are used in some small housing and other industries of Volkswagen

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