The most popular Japanese ink company in East Asia

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East Asia big Japan ink company settled in Zhangjiagang recently, Japan East Asia synthetic chemistry and big Japan ink chemicals jointly established East Asia big Japan ink chemicals company in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China. The goal of the operation in 2005 is to sell Jinan trial money to refuel for the Paralympic Games at the top of the pyramid to 1billion yen (9.3 million US dollars), and the sales in 2010 will increase to 5billion yen (46.3 million US dollars)

the total investment of the project is US $4.2 million, of which East Asia synthetic chemistry accounts for 60% and Japan ink chemicals account for 40%. The joint venture plans to build a 10000 t/a Acrylic Acid UV curing monomer/oligomer device in Jiagang in january2005. It is worth noting that the corresponding temperature range should be indicated behind the humidity index. The product trade name is aronix, which is dedicated to the production of UV curing products such as ink and coating resin by Japan ink chemical company

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