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The Japanese government will ban small unmanned aerial vehicles from flying in the Olympic venues. In case of violation, it will take coercive measures.

the Japanese government will prohibit small unmanned aerial vehicles from flying in the Olympic venues. In case of violation, it will take coercive measures.

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according to Kyodo news agency of Japan on December 20, the Japanese government held a liaison meeting with relevant government and provincial departments on the control of small unmanned aerial vehicles at the prime minister's residence on December 20, as part of the counter-terrorism countermeasures for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, It is decided that during the event, except for media interviews, UAVs are not allowed to fly over the venue. At the same time, it decided to add the facilities of the self defense force and the US military stationed in Japan to the list of permanently controlled facilities. Mandatory removal is allowed in case of violation. Relevant bills will be introduced at the regular Congress in 2019

in addition to the Olympic Games, those who are forbidden to fly over the venue during the competition period also have problems. A better way to solve the problem of oil temperature rise is to consider the Olympic Games and next year's Japan Rugby World Cup from the perspective of hydraulic system design. Major airports will also be subject to enhanced control during the event

according to the current UAV control law, it is prohibited to fly over important facilities such as official residences, imperial palaces and nuclear power plants. In case of violation, the police may take such compulsory measures as destruction and recycling. The aviation law widely restricts flights in densely populated residential areas and around airports, but it does not stipulate that 6 seat guards can be removed after flight

the Japanese government believes that the Olympic Games, Rugby World breathability and moisture permeability cup and other events with high international attention may become the targets of terrorist attacks and need new legal control

as for the facilities of the US Army, the US Army asked the Ministry of defense for control because there was no explicit prohibition. This time, it is written into the UAV control law together with the self defense force facilities, and the specific target facilities will be designated by the defense department

according to the cabinet office, drones will also be banned from flying around the US military camp Schwab, which opposes the continuous relocation of Futenma, if designated by the Japanese defense minister

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