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On the morning of December 22, the acceptance ceremony of Kefan customization and Kingdee software's first ERP project was grandly held in Kefan o store, indicating that Kefan's information construction has entered a new stage. In the witness of the senior leaders of both companies and the project team, chairman Lin of Kefan customization and general manager Wang of Kingdee group home partners, as representatives of both parties, signed the confirmation letter of the project acceptance report on site

At present, the first phase of Kefan cloud ERP project has been running smoothly for nearly half a year, successfully switching between the old and new systems, realizing the integration of financial business, optimizing Kefan's internal office processes, and accelerating the development of the enterprise. Kefanyun ERP is customized according to the enterprise's own management needs. It is developed by Kingdee expert team to investigate, sort out, optimize and develop sales, business, sales, warehouse and production, so as to achieve transparent process and information in all links, and greatly improve the efficiency of business operation. In 2016, Kefan customization participated in large-scale building materials exhibitions, put in high-value advertisements, focused on offline outlets, made efforts to sell online at the same time, entered famous e-commerce platforms such as tmall, and Suning, made online drainage and offline transactions, and obtained beautiful performance data. It is a foregone conclusion to sit five and watch six. Kefanyun ERP system injects strong development momentum into the business links of the enterprise, such as production management, order management, distribution channel and user management

General Manager Liao of Kefan customization intelligent manufacturing center delivered a speech

General Manager Han, assistant president of Kingdee group delivered a speech at the project acceptance meeting

general manager he of Kefan customization finance director delivered a speech

general manager Deng of Kingdee partner Borun delivered a speech

Project Manager Yang of Kefan customization information department made a summary report on the implementation of the project

General Manager Wang of Kingdee company made a summary on the implementation of the project and made a planning report on the phase II project

at the ceremony, The representatives of Kefan and Kingdee made summaries respectively, thanked the project team for their hard work, summarized the experience and achievements of the project work, and discussed how to continue to deepen the information-based cooperation between the two sides

President Lin, chairman of Kefan customization, made a summary speech on project acceptance

President Lin made an important speech on information construction

President Lin, said that now is the era when enterprises attach the most importance to management, and management is more important than any time. In the past, when enterprises expanded, it was about relying on resources and opportunities. Now it is about internal management, improving operation and improving efficiency. Now it is more about information production management. Kingdee software is a professional technology provider. Their excellent services, cloud home management and future application planning coincide with Kefan

senior executives of both sides attended the signing ceremony of the project acceptance report

the management of both sides took a group photo with the project team to remember that a good start is half the success. The successful acceptance of the first phase of Kefan Kingdee ERP project laid the foundation for the in-depth cooperation between the two sides. We believe that working together with Kingdee software, we can realize the dream of Kefan design, realize the popularization of customized furniture, and the internationalization of intelligent furniture manufacturing is just around the corner

[about Kefan customization]

as a government starlight enterprise, Kefan customization thrives under the care of all walks of life, and its development momentum cannot be underestimated. It has won the design Oscar "German red dot award", German if award and other awards, and enjoys the reputation of "top ten brands of Wardrobe" and "top ten brands of Wardrobe". At present, Kefan has more than 500 franchised stores across the country, providing intimate whole house customized furniture services for large, medium and small customers

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