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Langshi family founded the first wallpaper production factory in 1861, and has a history of producing high-quality wallpaper for more than 150 years. The company has developed from a traditional manufacturer into a well-known brand that provides comprehensive services to customers in more than 70 countries around the world. In 2012, Landry's China wallpaper hotline: Mr. Hou, congratulations on your winning the award of "2012 new leader of China's economy". How will winning this award affect your future career

President Hou: I am very happy to be recognized for my work in less than a year since I joined the company. I am honored to receive such a prestigious award at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing

since the brand of Langshi wallpaper entered China for ten years, Langshi wallpaper has been deeply loved by consumers, and its sales volume has increased year by year. However, in recent years, facing the severe challenges of macro-control in the real estate market, we have taken three optimization measures, namely, optimizing the market, optimizing products and optimizing talents, to actively respond to the myriad changes in the market

as a family business with a history of more than 150 years, Landry has developed into an internationally renowned brand that provides comprehensive services to customers in more than 70 countries around the world. In 2012, the global sales volume of German Landry company made a historic breakthrough

as the president of Greater China of Landry, I am facing a very potential wallpaper market and great challenges at the same time. However, I believe that as long as Chinese consumers have confidence and love for the brand, as well as the strong support given by the headquarters of Landry, Landry will achieve a more brilliant tomorrow

China wallpaper hotline: as a century old brand, German Lang decoration wallpaper has done very well in technology, process, management and so on. Please share with us the achievements of Landry in these aspects

President Hou: as a century old brand, Lanza is constantly seeking innovation and development in technology, process and management. In 2012, we received another proud honor. Our traditional enterprise from bramscher was awarded the "German standard brand award" at the adelon Kempinski Hotel in Berlin on November 22, 2012. At the large-scale award ceremony that night, Dr. Florian langensett, the publisher of the "Centennial brand" anniversary special issue, personally presented the award to the award-winning enterprises. Landry has become one of the 250 well-known German brands "century old brand - Lighthouse of Shanghai"

since 1861, after hundreds of years of development, Lang Decoration Wallpaper now has more than 6000 different varieties of interior decoration wallpaper products. With the passage of time, Landry has gradually developed into a well-known brand with its unusual design methods and unique vision of future trends. However, Lang decoration company has not forgotten its traditional values, and continues to use modern means to integrate elements in line with the spirit of the times into creative design concepts. Continuous innovation is the key to the steady and fruitful development of Landry. This business philosophy remains unchanged until today

China wallpaper hotline: what new products did Landry wallpaper bring at the new product launch in March this year

Mr. Hou: we have launched a total of 13 new wallpaper series at this new product launch, among which Terry Neng, silver world and the poetry of flowers are all the highlights of this season's new products

this release of "trinen 2015" is the third in our "trinen" series. This European style series was highly praised when it was first launched in 2007. The combination of Damascus patterns and elegant stripes makes a magnificent luster appear on the wallpaper

white is the main color of this season. The charming and interesting patterns in silver world are in sharp contrast to the modern concrete appearance. Inspired by nature, wallpaper applies leaves, branches and even catkins to the wall. Birds emerged from the leaves and flew around. This series of products is the best choice for pursuing bright, decorative and attractive space

the poem of flowers is very suitable for the coming spring. This series is made of beautiful and gorgeous flowers, which has the exquisite effect of watercolor painting and crayon painting

China wallpaper hotline: this year coincides with the tenth anniversary of the German Landry wallpaper entering the Chinese wallpaper market. How has Landry China developed in the past ten years

Mr. Hou: Lanza brand entered the Chinese market in 2003. At present, Lanza company has established a sales network covering all provinces and regions in China, and has more than 400 Lanza stores in the first and second tier cities in China. 2013 is the tenth year that Landry brand entered the Chinese market. After ten years of efforts, German Landry brand has become one of the most famous brands in China's home furnishing industry, and the products of German Landry company are increasingly loved by Chinese consumers. Recently, Landry Shanghai Branch has won awards such as "top ten brands in China's wallpaper industry", "China's green and environmental protection products", "top ten brands in China's wallpaper industry", which fully reflects the market popularity and recognition of German Landry brands, as well as Landry's contributions and achievements in the field of environmental protection

China wallpaper hotline: what is the future development goal of Landry China

president Hou: we believe that the potential of the Chinese market is still very large. We hope to make China the largest exporter of German Landry and keep the Landry brand in the leading position in China's home furnishing industry

Landry will be more committed to creating a project version designed for the needs of the project, which will be more distinctive and competitive in terms of pattern, color and price, and provide high-quality products and first-class after-sales service for fine decorated buildings, star rated hotels and hotel projects across the country




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