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[Abstract] it's March 15 again, and decoration rights protection is the focus topic of the annual March 15 rights protection. Home decoration trap, "poison" floor let decorators completely injured! Decoration transparency has become the theme of 3.15 decoration rights protection, and it is the aspiration of every decorator to carry out decoration rights protection in the end Let's expose the dark curtain of the home building materials industry together. Anyone who is cheated in the fields of home decoration, shopping malls, furniture and online purchase of building materials or whose after-sales service is not guaranteed can tell his experience of being cheated, and his decoration can also be exposed. [I want to expose]

3.15 home decoration exposure table:

1 Vanke was exposed to use Anxin "toxic floor"

the day before yesterday, it was reported that the formaldehyde content of Anxin brand solid wood composite floor seriously exceeded the standard. Because many developers chose the floor decoration project of this brand, these real estate enterprises were also involved without exception. Among them, Vanke, Greenland, Longhu and other real estate giants have used the floor of Anxin brand in their projects. So do these floors meet the national standards? If it is really a floor that exceeds the standard, will the developer be responsible for choosing such a floor? [details]




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