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The second phase of the "tens of millions of big business" practical training camp for American and Australian wardrobe is now accepting applications. This phase of the training camp will start with the theme of "cultivating elite talents and growing together with dealers". American and Australian sincerely invite you to participate

after the May Day holiday, I have to devote myself to intense work. In order to enable the dealers to better carry out their work and achieve their sales goals, Meiao has sent you good news

following the bursting of the first training camp, the second phase of the "ten million big business" practical training camp for American and Australian wardrobes is about to kick off. From today on, a platform for American and Australian wardrobes will be set up to accept applications

I still remember that during the first training camp, Mr. Wu brought you an industry solution that created a monthly sales volume of one million. More than 100 elite dealers from wardrobe stores in the southern region of the United States and Australia and more than 200 VIP customers gathered together. The guests were enthusiastic and mastered the forefront of marketing in just two days. Dealers were looking forward to further courses

this training camp invited " Storefront sales Prince " With the theme of "cultivating elite talents and growing together with dealers", Mr. Wu Jianhua will bring to dealers the secrets of executive talent training, excellent shopping guidance and their own growth. At the same time, we are willing to share cases with you to analyze the pain and confusion encountered in customized furniture retail, and take the lead step by step

at present, the work of the second phase of the training camp is in full swing. Hurry to participate in the US Australia Business School training camp through the following registration methods. In the passionate may, US Australia "has a date" with you

Meiao wardrobe relies on its strong strength, highly influential "wardrobe brand", strong R & D capabilities, and high-quality service system, which penetrate every corner of consumers' lives. Meiao has been carefully providing exquisite life experience and quality

registration method:

Registration Form Download: http://www.usaus.cn/Newsview.asp?id=1354

please fax 020-34370330 after filling in the registration form

add QQ: 19544727312018181179 send, or send to email

contact: Manager Li: 13560327687, manager Yao: 13828407806

note: there is no charge for this activity, and the name and telephone number are required for registration

for more information, please visit the US Australia wardrobe official website: www.usaus cn




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