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Shandong Lingong rushed to help Ludian disaster area "good driver" stepped forward

Shandong Lingong rushed to help Ludian disaster area "good company focused on breaking through material performance and composition control, production, processing and utilization and other process technology machines" stepped forward

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on August 3, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake occurred in Ludian, Yunnan, which hurt the whole country. Shandong temporary workers, who have played an important role in rescue and disaster relief for many times, immediately took action, gathered equipment to set up a rescue team, expressed condolences to temporary workers and disaster stricken users, and called on members of the "good Chinese drivers" club to take action to rush to the Ludian disaster area

after the earthquake, Shandong Lingong urgently set up a leading and executing agency for earthquake relief, and cooperated with Yunnan dealer Kunming Kunrong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. to successfully assemble several rescue and relief teams including large loaders, excavators and service vehicles within one day. At the same time, all customers in Yunnan, especially those around the earthquake area, along the main roads and in central cities, are called on to actively sign up for this rescue and relief operation. According to the unified deployment of national disaster relief, at this stage, people's rescue is still the main task, mainly relying on professional forces such as the army, the armed police and fire officers and soldiers. Civilian operations should follow the command and unified arrangement. At present, all walks of life have not entered the disaster area on a large scale, but Shandong temporary workers have made all preparations and donated a batch of urgently needed materials such as food, drinking water and raincoats to local customers in time

when the disaster came, Shandong temporary workers immediately contacted local users through the customer service hotline, asked about the disaster situation of users, and distributed disaster relief items to users. Shandong Lingong will also issue relief funds to users who have suffered serious disasters. At any time, Shandong Lingong will hold hands with the user and turn the switch to the fast reverse gear

Shandong temporary workers rushed to help the "good drivers" in Ludian disaster area

at the same time, the "China good drivers" club, a well-known public welfare organization in China's construction machinery industry organized by Shandong temporary workers, also took urgent action. At present, the club has more than 7000 other members of engineering machinery operators from all over the country, including many members who have participated in rescue and disaster relief for several times. After the Ludian earthquake, Shandong temporary workers issued a "proposal" to Yunnan, especially to the members of the good drivers' club near the disaster area, calling on operators with experience in rescue and disaster relief to take action, actively sign up to join the volunteer team of Shandong temporary workers' organization, provide various assistance to the people in the disaster area, and contribute to the post disaster reconstruction. At present, the earthquake relief team of Shandong Lingong good driver club has been fully equipped and ready to put into the first line of rescue at any time

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