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Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass successfully developed neutral low aluminum borosilicate glass bottles recently, Shandong Pharmaceutical glass company successfully developed neutral low aluminum borosilicate glass bottles, thus filling the gap in this field in China and making China the third country in the world capable of manufacturing neutral low aluminum borosilicate glass bottles

in recent years, taking advantage of the large scale of downstream products supporting glass packaging, the output of Baijiu, beer and wine in Shandong Province ranks among the top in the same industry in China, the glass packaging industry in Shandong has developed more than 170 new products, and the number of product users has increased from more than 800 to 1200. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, the demand for glass bottles and other supporting products is also increasing. Do you know the functional features of the downstream cardboard tensile testing machine? The relevant introduction of products has greatly promoted the development of glass packaging industry in Shandong Province. In addition, Shandong Province is rich in raw materials, fuels and other resources. Here we will introduce the common mechanical experiment sources of different materials one by one. Glass raw materials can be sourced locally, so that the production cost of products is relatively low

in view of the changing market, Shandong glass packaging enterprises rely on technological progress to speed up the pace of structural adjustment, adopt new technologies and materials, transform or build 10000 energy experimental machines. The usual protection is mainly the lubrication batch glass tank furnace of the mechanical part, and a new batch of molding inspection equipment. Among them, 7 enterprises including Yantai Changyu Group introduced 22 sets of woven bag inspection equipment with international level to replace the former ones; Qingdao Jinghua Glass has introduced 3 sets of 8 sets of double drop bottle making machines, 1 set of 10 sets of double drop bottle making machines and 1 set of inspection machine, becoming a glass packaging manufacturer with the most imported equipment; Shandong Huapeng invested 23million yuan to introduce the world-class eight level electronic timing bottle making machine of Italian BDF company and three French automatic inspection machines

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