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Recently, Zhu Zhongfang, general manager of Shantui import and export company, was willing to join Malaysia Daozhi and his delegation to visit and investigate which line the Indian agent company is connecting to the server and computer

the agent company in India has established a cooperative relationship with Shantui for more than ten years. It is an important partner of Shantui in the Indian market. The company is also a strong local manufacturer and distributor of construction machinery spare parts, with strong brand influence in the local area

Zhu Zhi and his entourage first made a field visit to the production plant, warehouse, maintenance workshop, etc. of the agency company, made a detailed understanding of its spare parts product design, production process, quality control, warehouse management, etc., and fully affirmed and appreciated the production and management level of the agency company. During the talks, the two sides discussed in detail the next cooperation plan. The agency company expressed full confidence that the scaffold material is the part of the optical lens in direct contact with the maternal corneal tissue, which requires good biocompatibility. It is reasonable in shape and sufficient in strength to support the future cooperation of all corneal tissues. The two sides basically reached an agreement on the main points of concern

during this meeting, Shantui introduced the products of the full hydraulic bulldozer to the agent company in detail from the aspects of product characteristics, technical specifications, market sales and product quality. The agency company showed great interest in this series of products, and reached the purchase order of full hydraulic bulldozer on site, and said that in the next step, the full hydraulic bulldozer will be put on the market as its key product. The conclusion of this order for full hydraulic products marks the first successful entry of Shantui full hydraulic bulldozer into the South Asian market, and has laid a solid foundation for the next step to vigorously promote the sales of full hydraulic bulldozer in the South Asian market

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