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The raw material industry in Shandong has made clear the work priorities for next year. The raw material work conference of Shandong Province was recently held in Jinan. The meeting pointed out that the work for next year should be planned in the spirit of reform in accordance with the requirements of transformation and development, quality improvement and efficiency increase. In 2014, the investment channel of insurance capital is being continuously relaxed. In the year, Shandong raw material industry should focus on transformation and upgrading, resolve the contradiction of serious overcapacity, eliminate backward production capacity, save energy and reduce consumption

Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology welcomes your inquiry! Deputy inspector wangzhaochun pointed out at the meeting that the raw material industry is an important industry for the development of the national economy, but it is also an area where contradictions in the industrial structure are concentrated, and it is one of the important links for economic transformation, quality improvement and efficiency development. The whole industry has the obligation to intensify industrial adjustment, correct the problem of disorderly growth regardless of conditions, control the total amount of basic raw materials and products, and focus on the three major topics of industrial extension, industrial integration and industrial substitution

the meeting deployed the work arrangement for 2014 and proposed to focus on transformation and upgrading, resolve the contradiction of serious overcapacity, eliminate backward production capacity, save energy and reduce consumption. In terms of industrial transformation and upgrading, we should highlight the guidance of high-end development. We should promote the industrial integration of chemical and rare earth industries, expand key enterprises, improve industrial chains, cultivate industrial clusters, and realize the double adjustment of enterprise organization and production capacity layout. We should strengthen technological transformation of enterprises and strive for special support from the state. We should strengthen technological innovation, rely on large enterprises, integrate the business resources of scientific and technological capital, concentrate on breaking through key core technologies in key fields, and promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. In resolving the contradiction of overcapacity, we should strengthen industry norms and access management, guide the organization of enterprise restructuring and integration, and enhance market competitiveness; While strictly controlling the total capacity, we should expand the deep processing of raw materials and develop clean, environmentally friendly, high-tech and high value-added products. In terms of eliminating backward production capacity, it is necessary to optimize the relevant standard system, establish a standard system including technology, quality, environmental protection, safety, energy consumption, land use and efficiency according to the specific situation, and eliminate the unqualified production capacity and enterprises from the market to make room for development. We should actively explore effective ways to eliminate backward production capacity, combine eliminating backward production capacity with promoting industrial integration and upgrading and optimizing industrial layout, orderly promote industrial gradient transfer, environmental protection relocation, returning cities to parks, and vigorously develop new alternative industries

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