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Shandong Lingong e6460 pile driver unveiled at Changzhou wohuilin large-scale winter ordering meeting. Shandong Lingong e6460 pile driver unveiled at Changzhou wohuilin large-scale winter ordering meeting. China Construction machinery information. Ningwu company is a pillar enterprise of the transportation new material base in border towns. Recently, our technicians analyzed the characteristics of the equipment held in Wuxi, the "Pearl of Taihu Lake". The on-site participants reached 400, and the atmosphere was warm. Seven prototypes were placed in the field, including one e6460 pile driver, which was particularly eye-catching

Shandong Lingong e6460 pile driver is equipped with a reinforced upper and lower frame, a 90 ton main valve and a heat dissipation system, as well as world-famous brand engines, working pumps, main valves, motors, etc., which have attracted the attention of professional pile driver customers who are driving on site to confirm corrective measures as soon as possible. The customer was eager to have a try, so they tried to ride and drive one after another. Shanghai Customer Zhu, who has been engaged in the pile driver industry for many years, spoke highly of the driving comfort of temporary excavation products after the test drive

During the

e6460 pile driver

activity, the old customer, boss Chen, made a speech on the spot, describing the process of purchasing temporary excavators and his practical feelings after using temporary equipment. He introduced the energy-saving, reliable, comfortable, durable and other characteristics of temporary work products to the customers and friends present based on his own experience

wangbaomin, general manager of the central war zone of Shandong Lingong marketing company, and Zhouwei, chairman of Changzhou wohuilin, paid tribute to the new and old customers present in their speeches, and thanked their friends for their trust and support. They said that Shandong Lingong and Changzhou wohuilin will surely offer better products and services to our customers and help them create more wealth

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