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Shandong temporary workers donated excavators to help Yan'an veterans. Shandong temporary workers donated excavators to help Yan'an veterans. On August 17, the second stop of Shandong temporary workers' "red love" targeted poverty alleviation action was held in Ansai District, Yan'an City. Witnessed by the local government and representatives of the construction machinery industry, Shandong temporary workers retired from the air force Hanweibing, who took good care of his paralyzed father for six years, donated an excavator. This is the first time that the targeted poverty alleviation project has donated equipment to individuals with outstanding deeds. Shandong Lingong announced that from Yan'an, the "red love" action will target two groups of people, form a targeted poverty alleviation model with the characteristics of the construction machinery industry, and call on all sectors of society to recommend candidates worthy of help

On the same day, chenfushan, member of the Standing Committee of Ansai District Committee of Yan'an City, Niu Shezhi, director of Ansai District poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, tangjunbin, executive deputy general manager of Shandong Lingong marketing company, zhaiwenbin, chairman of Shaanxi Dingxin mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., and industry representatives, public spirited people and various media participating in the "red love" targeted poverty alleviation activities in Yan'an station, We came to Dongwan village, Zhaoan Town, Ansai district to visit hanweibing and his family who were helped by this action. At the subsequent donation ceremony, the three leaders jointly handed over the excavator key symbolizing wealth creation and rebirth to hanweibing, hoping that he would immediately change the status quo and create a better life for his family

Liangzixi said that leaders such as chenfushan and tangjunbin visited Han Weibing and his father who had been paralyzed for six years. Han Weibing joined the army in 2003 because of the serious environmental pollution caused by such plastic granulator equipment. He has been doing ground service work in the first division of the air force aviation corps with outstanding merit, won honors such as excellent soldier and excellent noncommissioned officer, demobilized and returned home after five years of service, and found a relatively stable job in Ansai. In 2012, his father was seriously injured in a car accident. He was unconscious for two months before he woke up. After full rescue, he was paralyzed. He could not take care of himself and lost his language ability. He had to be accompanied around the clock. Hanweibing had to quit his job and concentrate on taking care of his father at home. Six years have passed since he was in a vegetative state. In order to take care of his father, he gave up many job opportunities. For six years, although the economic conditions of the whole family were difficult, they were always full of strong family affection

under the witness of local government and industry representatives, Shandong Lingong handed Han Weibing the golden key to shake off poverty and create wealth.

Tang Junbin said that Han Weibing had been in the army for five years and was loyal to his country; After returning home, he took good care of his father who was paralyzed in bed. Six years of filial piety can be learned from him. People who are loyal and filial are worthy of help. In addition, Shandong Lingong will provide an entrepreneurial fund of 20000 yuan for aspiring young people in Yan'an who are willing to start a business in the construction machinery industry, and also encourage them to actively join the construction machinery industry and embark on the road to prosperity. Zhaiwenbin said that Han Weibing's deeds are moving. He is a typical case of poverty caused by illness, not because he did not work hard enough. He hopes that he can quickly open up the situation in the construction machinery industry and give consideration to his career and family in his growth; Shaanxi Dingxin also established a wealth creation and poverty alleviation base with local large enterprises and customers to provide technical support, entrepreneurship guidance and job opportunities for Han Weibing, and help him in the whole process until he completely got rid of poverty

chenfushan, member of the Standing Committee of Ansai District Committee, spoke highly of the "red love" targeted poverty alleviation action of Shandong temporary workers

chenfushan, member of the Standing Committee of Ansai District Committee, said that Ansai rural natural conditions are poor, the industrial foundation is weak, and there is a long way to go to overcome poverty; Since August this year, the main leaders of Yan'an City have visited Ansai for many times, and a new round of poverty alleviation upsurge has been set off in the region; At this critical moment of unity, Shandong Lingong held the "red love" action, donated excavators to Han Weibing, a poor household, helped him become rich through labor, perfectly practiced the concept of precision, and set a benchmark for enterprises to participate in poverty alleviation; This charitable act of Shandong temporary works has brought good news to the poor people, aroused the resonance of the whole society, and further condensed the strong social joint force for poverty alleviation. Yan'an targeted poverty alleviation team was established. Zhaiwenbin, chairman of Shaanxi Dingxin, the team leader, accepted the flag and promised to help them in the whole process, trying to help each other and each family

since the launch of the "red love" action, Shandong Lingong has been exploring a targeted poverty alleviation model with the characteristics of the construction machinery industry, and accurately selecting assistance objects has become an important feature of the "red love" action. In the future, the "red love" action will accurately target two groups of people and take different assistance measures. The first category focuses on the positive energy people who have outstanding personal deeds, conform to mainstream values, have demonstration significance or promotion value, but face economic difficulties. Priority should be given to those veterans who are loyal to the country and retired equipment host maintenance: servicemen and martyrs' families; The second category is the construction machinery operators who have a strong desire to get rid of poverty and become rich, but fail to start the entrepreneurship plan due to family conditions and other restrictions. Shandong Lingong has issued a recruitment notice, and all sectors of society are welcome to recommend candidates worthy of help

temporary workers in Ansai district set up a base to create wealth and get rid of poverty. Shandong temporary workers officially awarded the license

in addition to donating equipment and recruiting help candidates, Yan'an station of "red love" action also provided professional training to more than 100 poor households and vocational school graduates who are interested in engaging in the construction machinery industry, helping them obtain the skill level certificates recognized by the state. These young people will become the new force in the construction machinery industry, Promote Shandong temporary workers to play a greater role in Yan'an's infrastructure construction and economic development

Han Weibing was given a temporary e660f excavator, and will soon start his engineering machinery business

born in the old area and repay the old area. In a sense, the "red love" targeted poverty alleviation action is not only a public welfare activity to repay the parents and villagers, but also an innovative practice and vigorous promotion of the red spirit under the new historical conditions. The promotion of the "red love" action interprets the concept that Shandong Lingong takes society as the supporting point for enterprise development and brand building, which will further expand the brand influence of Shandong Lingong, and enable more and more Chinese people to recognize and trust that Lingong will enter clinical use and choose Lingong in the near future

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