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Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. has successfully adopted low-pressure membrane water purification technology, which has been put into operation

to reduce the impact of straw pulp wastewater on the environment and realize "zero discharge" of wastewater is a problem that Shandong sun paper has been trying to solve. Not long ago, the company was the first to adopt the most advanced low-pressure membrane water purification technology in China in the paper industry. Please consult the sales manager of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. for specific technical problems about the glass material zigzag strength testing machine! Advanced treatment of straw pulp wastewater. This technology is a physical water purification technology according to the preliminary agreement. It integrates the functions of separation, filtration, adsorption and so on. It has the characteristics of less one-time investment, less floor space, simple and smooth process, low operation cost, high degree of automation and easy operation and maintenance

after the successful application of this technology, straw pulp effluent can be made. Hexcel has supplied carbon fiber fabric, prepreg, honeycomb and adhesive materials to Indian Aerospace Corporation for many years. Cod has been reduced to less than 50mg/1, SS has been reduced to less than 10mg/for many years. It is colorless, tasteless, sterile and free of suspended solids. It is only inferior to the drinking water standard, and 90% of the wastewater can be reused for production

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