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Shandong will vigorously develop the industry of marine monitoring equipment and instruments. Shandong Academy of Sciences recently held the "strategic alliance for technological innovation of marine monitoring equipment industry" conference in Qingdao. The "technological innovation strategic alliance of marine monitoring equipment industry" is established by the Institute of marine instruments and meters of Shandong Academy of Sciences in conjunction with 30 domestic universities, scientific research institutes and large and medium-sized enterprises with industrialization experience in accordance with the implementation opinions on promoting the construction of industrial technological innovation strategic alliance issued by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China and the Department of science and technology of Shandong Province, At the end of 2010, it was recognized as the second batch of industrial technology innovation strategic demonstration alliance of Shandong Province by the Department of science and technology of Shandong Province

liumengde, director of the Institute of marine instruments and meters of Shandong Academy of Sciences and chairman of the "strategic alliance for technological innovation of marine monitoring equipment industry", told that the alliance is committed to realizing the industrialization of marine monitoring equipment, narrowing the gap with developed countries in this field, changing the current situation that most of marine monitoring equipment depend on imports, and promoting the technological progress of the marine monitoring equipment industry, so as to meet the requirements of national marine rights and interests maintenance, comprehensive marine management Marine national defense and security, marine disaster prevention and mitigation, marine environmental protection, marine economic construction and resource development

in the development plan of the Blue Economic Zone, Shandong clearly proposes to optimize the development of the marine secondary industry. Among them, the marine equipment manufacturing industry should focus on the development of marine oil and gas development equipment, marine instruments and equipment and other corporate functions: industry, build a national marine equipment testing center, and build Qingdao and Yantai into comprehensive marine equipment manufacturing bases with international competitiveness; The offshore engineering construction industry should strengthen the research, development and application of key technologies, and promote the implementation of major offshore engineering projects such as offshore oil drilling platforms, submarine pipeline and equipment installation. Welcome to the consultation process; Cultivate a number of leading enterprises with international competitiveness and build Qingdao and other cities into important offshore engineering and construction bases in China

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it is reported that the marine monitoring equipment industry, as an important industry supporting the development of the marine economy, has a key deployment in the test projects: tensile, contraction and endurance, creep, relaxation experiments, low cycle fatigue and creep fatigue experiments, Shandong Province's 12th Five Year Plan and the blue economic zone plan. Among them, the "marine economy" in the 12th Five Year Plan of Shandong Province proposes to actively develop marine high-tech industries, give full play to the advantages of marine science and technology education resources, strengthen marine basic scientific research and marine core technology product research and development, speed up the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements by relying on marine advantageous industries, various economic parks and key enterprises, and form a number of marine high-tech industrial clusters with strong radiation and driving ability, Enhance the core competitiveness of the marine economy

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