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Shandong Temporary Engineering Co., Ltd.

the consequence of "quality thinking" is the serious

introduction: the extreme attention to the interests of users determines that Shandong Temporary Engineering Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to quality work

on October 20, Shandong Lingong undertook the on-site learning and exchange activity of promoting quality improvement in the machinery industry with the theme of "innovation driven, intelligent manufacturing, quality first". Maxingqing, deputy general manager of Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., gave a detailed introduction to the guests about Shandong Lingong's comprehensive implementation of excellent performance management and its role in accelerating intelligent manufacturing Achievements have been made in promoting and innovating lean production mode, supply chain management, big data application, etc., and the experience summarized by temporary workers over the years has been shared

Shandong Lingong always adheres to the quality-oriented principle and takes the quality work as the focus of production and operation work, so as to ensure the continuous improvement in quality. From "Mayor Quality Award" and "governor Quality Award" to "National Quality Award" and "Asian Quality Excellence Award", various awards are getting bigger and bigger

Shandong Lingong values these honors very much. They are the witness of the continuous improvement of the company's quality work. However, just like the Chinese saying "the golden cup and the silver cup are not as good as word of mouth", by contrast, Shandong Lingong attaches most importance to the evaluation from users

"all our investment and efforts are to make users' income more and work easier." Maxingqing expressed the values of Shandong Lingong with such a plain and powerful sentence, "if the products given to users can not make them feel that the value for money, our work will lose its meaning."

different from other ordinary consumer goods, construction machinery such as loaders, excavators and rollers have both consumer goods attributes and strong investment goods attributes, and the latter is even stronger than the former. Their performance is closely related to the production and life of users. As a construction machinery manufacturer, Shandong Lingong has a clear understanding of this, which is directly reflected in the company's brand commitment of "reliable bearing and heavy trust"

from the perspective of construction machinery users, "quality" is a simple and practical concept. The only standard to judge the quality is whether mechanical products and related services can help them obtain more profits. For construction machinery manufacturers, quality work is a complex system engineering, involving all aspects of the enterprise itself and upstream and downstream

live up to its promise

since its establishment in 1972, Shandong Lingong has proved through 45 years of practice that it has lived up to its promise. As early as 1998, Shandong Lingong passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, introduced the excellent performance mode in 2006, and fully implemented the lean production mode in 2009, forming a unique LPS system

after 2012, facing the shock of the construction machinery market, Shandong Lingong put forward the strategic idea of quality operation, established the company's quality management committee, gradually improved the quality operation management model, built a quality information platform, applied various improvement tools, promoted Six Sigma projects, encouraged various QC activities, and achieved remarkable results

at the same time, in view of the criticality of the supply chain to quality, Shandong Lingong began to integrate the supply chain and establish a supplier life cycle management process to ensure the consistency and stability of parts delivery quality. In order to focus on helping gold suppliers whose products are exclusively for temporary workers, a national unified green building materials standard, certification and identification has been established. Temporary workers have comprehensively improved the management level of suppliers through training, audit guidance, personnel assignment and other measures, and simultaneously promoted the temporary lean production among suppliers

by 2015, Shandong Lingong has created a leading quality core competitiveness in the industry, taking the lead in product design, manufacturing and service quality

facing the new normal of economy, Shandong Lingong subverted the traditional production management mode, integrated relatively independent operation modules such as production, quality, process and safety, and formed a unified operation system dominated by quality operation; It has subverted the salary distribution mode of "more pay for more work" and changed into a new distribution mode of "quality based compensation"; It subverts the traditional quality control mode and reorganizes the process according to the concept of "doing it right from the beginning". The "three subversions" have made scientific changes in production, distribution and quality control, making the quality concept a work guide that has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

Shandong Lingong has seriously restricted the implementation of new energy vehicles. In the process of transforming to a quality-benefit enterprise, the innovative development model of "one whole, two innovations and three combinations" has been summarized. "One complete" means full participation, "two innovations" means management innovation and technological innovation, "Three Combinations" means the combination of management personnel, technical personnel and production personnel. The comprehensive promotion of this model is a process in which theory and practice complement each other and advance together, and the face of temporary quality work is also changed. At the end of September 2017, this model was also included in the list of "2017 typical experience of industrial enterprise quality benchmarking"

in addition, as one of the core symbols of the new round of industrial revolution, intelligent manufacturing has also taken root in Shandong temporary work, and has inserted intelligent wings into the quality work of temporary work. According to its released intelligent manufacturing development plan, by 2025, Shandong Lingong will build an intelligent factory, including intelligent products, intelligent equipment, intelligent production, intelligent management and intelligent service, and enter the era of comprehensive automation

in the exchange activities on October 20, Shandong Lingong's fourth generation, the latest generation of intelligent AGV, performed extremely well. It is an important part of Lingong's intelligent logistics and a vivid epitome of Lingong's intelligent manufacturing determination and strength

in recent years, the external feedback failure rate of Shandong temporary workers' leading product quality has decreased year by year, and has continuously maintained the best level in the industry. Among them, the loader failure rate has decreased by more than 30% in three years. In 2016, the temporary loader failure rate was less than 5%

these are only a small part of Shandong Lingong's efforts on the quality road. Its long-term persistence has also won excellent user reputation. There is no need to list every comment from users. The data is the best proof that Shandong Lingong has fulfilled its reliable commitment with dedication

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