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Mountain eggs should be labeled with anti-counterfeiting labels

a few days ago, Ms. Xu, who lives in Yuhan community, spent 4.5 yuan to buy a kilo of mountain eggs in the morning market. After taking them home, she found that chicks had hatched in the eggs and could not be eaten at all

from the aspect of appearance, the mountain eggs bought by Ms. Xu are not much different from ordinary eggs except that they are slightly smaller, but their "worth" is not worth the loss. It is understood that the average selling price of 500g ordinary eggs in the market is about 2.6 yuan, while the lowest price of mountain eggs is 3.3 yuan

I learned that although mountain eggs and chemical containers have been popular in the market for some time, and mountain egg stores have appeared in Jinan not long ago, many citizens are still unfamiliar with "mountain eggs" and are even less able to distinguish the true from the false. In the morning market of Heping Road, I interviewed several citizens who were buying mountain eggs. They were not very clear about the method of distinguishing mountain eggs from ordinary eggs. Then I consulted two vendors selling mountain eggs. They couldn't explain why. They just repeatedly emphasized that mountain eggs are more nutritious. The egg yolk is larger and darker than the common BPA for fetal eggs

the staff of the consumers' Association told that there was little difference between mountain eggs and ordinary eggs, and the consumers' Association was unable to distinguish them. The public suggested that the real mountain egg manufacturers stick anti-counterfeiting labels on the packages to help the public identify

information source: Dazhong Qi Tianjin Agricultural Machinery Research Institute carried out field experiment on residual film recovery, Lu Evening News

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